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26 January 2010 @ 01:37 am
RATED RSO was everything I expected and more.
Warning! This is SUPER long. It's really just for the benefit of myself and the bff.

I really don't expect any of you to brave it!
But if you want to scan/peruse, that's more than cool with me.
Fin! LOVE!
I hope this helps me retain the awesome until photos and videos surface...
29 December 2009 @ 08:10 pm
Long time no entry! Between Christmas and lack of internet connection, Livejournal took a back seat this past week. How were everyone's Christmases? Let's get caught up.

01. We're not going to talk about my Christmas. Not that it was bad. It was just...family. Another thing we're not going to talk about is the current state of Broadway.com. Whatthefuckisthat?

02. I have tickets to see Next to Normal (for the third time) on New Year's Day. Not the worst way to kick of 2010. I'm not one to obsessively see shows, but have a couple of friends who needed to see the show before Aaron leaves on the third, and so, that's where I'll be on January first. I also have to get tickets for In The Heights so I can take my cousin before Corbin Bleu shows up, and tickets to RSO at Joe's Pub before it sells out. January is going to be ridiculous.

03. On Sunday I'm getting a new puppy. A little Yorkshire Terrier. And I'm naming her Beyonce. And I'm so obsessed with this.

04. I should have more news after a week of absence. However, it has been a sweatpants week. A lot of movie/TVD watching, sleeping, reading, writing, icon-making. Absolute nothingness. I highly recommend it. It was great.

05. I started The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell two days ago and finished it today. If you haven't heard of it, no one really knows what to call it. It's totally comprised of questions, but it's not a book of questions. Not a novel either. It's unconventional. And Lord knows I love anything unconventional. It wasn't off-the-wall good, but I had an absolutely lovely time reading it, and there was one passage towards the beginning that I've probably read two dozen times, because I'm just in love with it:
It reads...Collapse )

So I am recommending that book, if you feel like just enjoying reading something different. And I hope you guys are all doing wonderfully. Later.

The marriage equality act may have failed 24-38, but people are really getting fucking passionate and I love it! So I thought I'd post a bunch of the strongly worded tweets going around. The unity is the best part about the fight. People are coming together, and when we make this happen, it is going to feel seventy times more special and right and worthwhile.
11 tweets and counting!
Equal rights. Right now.Collapse )
I need advice! I need advice!
So I have some money right now. A decent bit of cash. It's probably the last time I'll have money to throw away for months. But I don't know what to do with it. This is my last chance for happiness for a while and I need to choose wisely. So what do I do? Books? Movies? Clothes? Furniture? Hair? Food? Make-up? Maybe even a show? No, I can't purge on more shows. I've already got two shows to see before March ends. And like three more during the summer. No shows. NO SHOWS. I am CUTTING MYSELF OFF from musical theater right now. But what would YOU guys do with your last bit of cash? I need help. I'm lost. I need to know what mentally stable people with no unhealthy addictions would do in this predicament. So, help me? Pretty please!

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06 January 2009 @ 02:45 pm
My mom never got along with her mom.
When she was fourteen, three years before she left home and moved to another equally crappy shithole in the Bronx, she used to get sick a lot. There was this one day that she was particularly sick with an outrageous fever...she was curled up in bed screaming for her mother for hours. But her mom refused to take care of her. My mom would lay in bed all day waiting for someone to come and check on her, but no one ever came. I constantly wonder why my grandmother wouldn't do anything for her - if she didn't see herself fit to take care of her daughter or if she honestly didn't care. I didn't know her as she was then, so I really couldn't tell you. All I know is that she loved me to death when I was little, and if she'd fought Cancer long enough, she would've spoiled me rotten.

CONSEQUENTLY, if I got sick when I was a kid, my mom would bring me to her bedroom and tuck me in and refuse to leave me alone for more than ten minutes at a time. I had cough drops and heating pads and Gingerale and fluffed pillows, quilts on top of comforters on top of quilts. And at lunchtime she'd bring up a tray with a bowl of soup and set it up on the bed and she'd say, "This is the way everyone should be taken care of when they're sick."

I'm sick today. I've had a lot of time to be sitting around here reflecting on these things. What else am I gonna do?

Oh livejournal. I like my mom. I like my mom quite a bit.
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